About St Agatha’s

St Agatha’s is a red brick basilica situated alongside Market Way, Portsmouth.  The liturgy is the traditional rite granted to the Ordinariate by the Holy See.  The Mass starts with the preparation at the foot of the altar:  “I will go unto the altar of God…” and ends with the Last Gospel “In the beginning was the word…” followed by the Leonine Prayers and the Angelus.  The Celebrant faces east and wears traditional Latin Vestments.  Many collects and prayers from the Book of Common Prayer are incorporated into the liturgy.  “Almighty God unto whom all hearts be open all desires known and from whom no secrets are hid…”  The interior of the Church is rich in art, fine furnishings and shrines.  Visitors whether Catholic or Anglican or of no particular faith are most welcome.  For more information please visit the contact us page.


http://portsmouthmission.wordpress.com/ (Here is a link to a blog about the Church)