Welcome to St Agatha’s Church

St Agatha’s Church, Portsmouth, is a grand red brick Italianate basilica of 1894, built for the famous Anglo Catholic slum priest Fr Robert Dolling. The spacious interior is enriched with polished granite, marble, alabaster, carved stone and coloured glass. The nave apse contains a magnificent sgraffito plaster mural c 1901, the work of Heywood Sumner, a friend and disciple of William Morris. Fine furnishings and shrines, many rescued from redundant churches, contribute towards a unique ecclesiastical interior which many describe as simply breathtaking.


St Agatha’s is a member church of the Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham, under the patronage of Blessed John Henry Newman. The Ordinariate was established in 2011 by the Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI for Anglicans and others who wish to be in full communion with the Holy See whilst retaining certain aspects of their Anglican tradition commonly known as Anglican Patrimony. St Agatha’s offers a rich liturgical experience which draws upon much of its Anglo Catholic heritage.

history of st agatha's church

St Agatha’s History

Read about the first mission church and the heroic struggle of the early years amid the slums of late 19C Portsmouth to establish the faith of Our Fathers.
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Restoration project

Restoration of the Lady Chapel

St Agatha’s survived the Second World War but not the post war planners who destroyed the Lady Chapel apse in order to construct a road which has since become redundant. Read about the plans to rebuild the missing apse and restore the architectural integrity of this precious church.
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Ceremony & Services


Find out more about our particular style of worship which constitutes our gift to the wider Catholic Church. See the times of mass throughout the week and special festivals such as St Agatha’s Day and the Feast of Our Lady of Walsingham.

Learn more about the Sacraments of our Holy Mother the Church and how we can draw closer to Christ. The Ordinariate has a special appeal towards Anglicans but it is also open to others seeking entry into the Catholic Church. Discover how you might embark upon a spiritual journey and become one with the Holy Apostles and Saints in the Catholic Church.
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View our Gallery

View our Gallery

This is an invitation to view a number of different galleries which feature aspects of the history of the church from its earliest days until the present. Entry into the galleries will take you on a journey back in time to the late 19C through the Nelsonian streets of Landport with the faces of the clergy and people of the parish. Admire the outstanding vestment collection dating from the 17C to the early 20C.

See the furniture and fittings of the basilica, many of which have been rescued from destruction and restored to their original glory thus fulfilling Fr Dolling’s vision of St Agatha’s as a magnificent House of God – a St Mark’s Venice, in Portsmouth.
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